Remote Worker's Guide to Mexico City

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Remote Worker's Guide to Mexico City

Caro Griffin
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About the Guide

Mexico City is an easy place to fall in love with and I've come to think it's one of the best cities in the world for digital nomads and remote workers. But many of the resources out there are meant for tourists—not people who are trying to live and work here short term. 

That's why I wrote this guide!

I’ve packed it with all the basics - where to stay, where to work - plus recommendations for everything from restaurants to gyms to laundromats. And all the pro tips it took me years to learn!

(Did you know you're supposed to tip the person bagging your groceries? 👀)

My goal is to help you fall a little bit in love with Mexico City too—while also helping you avoid some of the logistics that take up a lot of your time when you land in a new place.

Ready to stop googling and start exploring?

This 60-page guide includes:

  • Where to Stay — A guide to CDMX's many neighborhoods and what you can expect to pay in each area.
  • Places to Work — The best cafes and coworking spaces in the most popular neighborhoods.
  • How to Get Around — How to use public transport, Uber, and the city's many bikeshare systems when walking won't cut it.
  • Where to Shop — A guide to the best markets, grocery stores, malls, and specialty shops that will make life easier.
  • Where to Work Out & Get Checked Out — Popular gyms and fitness studios, plus recommended doctors, hospitals, and clinics.
  • Eating & Going Out — +30 of my favorite taquerias, restaurants, and bars in CDMX. Plus, the best apps for ordering delivery!
  • Things to Do — Museums, hotspots, and other "must dos" for your Mexico City bucket list.

Who am I?

My name is Caro Griffin, aka @carolinesyrup

I'm a recovering digital nomad who spent five years traveling the world before I fell in love with Mexico City and moved here. Exploring the city, learning its history, and helping other people discover it is a hobby and a passion.

I've priced this guide to be super accessible but I do ask that you pay the full $19 if you can! I've spent +100 hours putting this guide together and your contributions help motivate me to keep it up to date. :)

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